Chemistry M3LC Schedule

Laboratory Project
Postlab Notes
Week 1
Glassware, Cleaning, Logger Pro, Safety
Postlab 1
Week 2
Spectroscopy Part 1: Fe Colorimetry
Postlab 2
Week 3
Spectroscopy Part 2: Fluorescence
Postlab 3
Week 4
Acids & Bases: pH Measurements, Titrations and Buffers
Postlab 4
Week 5
Electrochemistry Part 1: Measuring Current and Voltage, Batteries, & the Nernst Equation
Postlab 5
Week 6
Electrochemistry Part 2: Potentiometric Titrations & Solubility Equilibria
Seawater Analysis Prelab (Due Week 6!!)
Postlab 6
Weeks 7 to 9
Seawater Analysis Project
List of Seawater Experiments For M3LC
Seawater Postlab

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Bromide in Seawater

Sulfate in Seawater